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Karl Braendel 
Alaska Registered Guide
Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

How the Year Went

Every year around Christmas time, Karl sends out a 8-9 page letter documenting our season, both successes and disappointments. Included are all the pertinent facts about the hunt and the animals that were harvested. If you aren't on the list, we have links to his letters for several years.

 Christmas Letter 2004.odt

Christmas Letter 2005.odt

Christmas letter 2006.odt

 Christmas Letter 2007.odt

Christmas letter 2008.odt

CHristmasletter 2009.odt

CHristmasletter 2010.odt

 Christmas Letter 2011.odt

Christmas Letter 2012.odt

Christmas letter 2013.odt Letter 2015 revised







 Also we have  link to a newspaper article Karl had published a few years back for those who might be interested.

predator contol article.jpg 

 If that file is too hard to read, here is an online copy.

Predator Control