Moose Hunting Moose Hunting Mike Gleason's Moose This moose was taken in 2010 on the Chickaloon. He measured 55". 121560735 Jeff Lange Moose Jeff got this fellow in 2009. he measured 59 inches. 121560736 Todd and his moose. Todd Meuhlip took this Chickaloon moose in 2008. He measured 57 1/2" 121560737 Curt Lindner and his bull This was a 55" moose taken by Curt on the Chickaloon. 121630027 Josh Moore's Talkeetna moose Jim Moore, Josh Moore and Karl with a 51 1/4" moose taken in 2013. 188236705 2012 moose taken by Dr George Stark This was a spike fork taken by Dr Stark, a meat hunter, in 2012, in the Talkeetnas. 188239625 Jerry Mullins and his moose Jerry's Heavy bull taken in the Talkeetnas in 2012. 188239626 Enrico Rosa's Moose 2016 Enrico with his fine 49" spread moose. He said he was going to take the first legal bull he saw, and he wasn't kidding. 203310852 Castle Mountain Ladies Club A view of Castle Mountain with a harem of cows in the photo below it. Photo taken on Enrico Rosa's hunt. 203310853 Enrico's Pack Train Family and friends came to pack out Enrico's moose. We have a good group of young strong packers that make this fast and easy. More or less. 203310854 Enrico's Pack Enrico with his moose below Castle Mountain, packing it out. 203310941 204653882 204653883